On turning 8, the next stage of the Scouting adventure begins, when you move up from Beavers to Cubs.  Develop new skills.  Soar to great heights. Being a Cub opens up a whole other world.

Cubs have fun, try new things and make friends.  Be part of a team of young people exploring the world around you.  Whether that’s camping, hiking, playing games or trying any of the many other activities we offer.

Here at Ashby Hastings, our Cubs meet as a Cub Pack each week during term time.  We learn new skills.  Some are practical like first aid, cooking or map reading.  Sometimes our focus is on the community around us or in the wider world.    We help others:  we recently helped plant 3000 trees in the National Forest.  We help each other:  developing our ability to work in teams, improving our co-operation and self confidence.   We challenge ourselves to be better & try things that we’re unsure about.

Then there’s the great outdoors.  Cubs take the adventure further.  We camp, we hike (sometimes in the dark), we build dens, we cycle (sometimes we do that in the dark too!) and we LOVE toasting marshmallows on a campfire.  We also enjoy kayaking, archery, going on the zip wire at our local campsite, playing wide games and much much more…

Why should you join Cubs?

Who better to answer that than some of our Cubs themselves!

Monday Cubs

Monday evenings, meetings are run
We learn and explore, have lots of fun
Some things I find better than the rest
Camps and Sleepovers are the best
We taste different foods,
We play different games,
Through those activities
We bond with our mates!
If ever you want to join,
bear this in mind,
Ashby Hastings is the best
You will ever find

by Shika