Cubs 100

100 Years of Cub Scouts

Scouts were formed in 1907, but the demand by the younger brothers of the Scouts resulted in the launch of Wolf Cubs on 16 December 1916.

Move on 100 years, and the Cub Scouts of the world came together to celebrate.

A Year Full of Fun!

What a year we had…

* Leicestershire Cubs set us all a series of 100 challenges to complete each term.

* There was a special screening of the Jungle Book just for Cubs & their families at cinemas across the UK.

* We sent the Queen a birthday card for her 90th birthday – & had a thank you back.

* We had an amazing county Cub camp with over 1000 Cubs from across Leicestershire at Mallory Park.

* The finale was a huge party held at Donington Park on 16 December, where everyone renewed their promise and we attempted to break the world record for the number of people singing “Oops upside your head" at once with over 1000 taking part!

Postcard Swap

With the rise in social media, many Cub packs around the world established contact with each with the aim of swapping 100 postcards over the course of the year.  Our postcard features some of the Cubs enjoying themselves, a couple of designs by the Cubs themselves and a photo of the historic Ashby Castle.

Below you can see a photo of our collection displayed on the wall of our Scout hut and a map showing the location of the various packs that sent them to us.